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Isaac Hayes R.I.P.
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One of the greatest producers and writers in music history passed this weekend. For younger generations Isaac Hayes is probably most known as the voice of chef in South Park but in the beginning in the late 60s and early 70s he pointed out totally new directions in the music world with his Blaxplotation soul.

Isaac Hayes was one of the main reasons that I started to dig back in time after the originals to all the hiphop tracks that I loved. Among his most classic recordings - “Walk On By”, “Theme from Shaft”, “The Look of Love” and “Hung Up On My Baby” etc - my favourite has always been “Ike’s Mood”. Probably because I couldn’t stop listening to Tragedy/Intelligent Hoodlum’s “Grand Groove” which borrowed a lot from it (they actually sampled it at the wrong speed).

Isaac Hayes - Ike’s Mood (320)

Intelligent Hoodlum - Grand Groove (320)

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Discophrenia # 1 – Vivien Vee “Destiny”
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Since we never finished our Discophrenia series I’m taking matters into my own hands.

This song was first introduced to me by my friend Hanna Ahh! - the Disco Queen of Malmoe - when she finally found the 12 inch on Ebay. Later on I heard it on a great disco mixtape made by some guy called Ivan that also included Common Sense “Just Can’t Help Myself (I Really Love You)”.

There’s not much information to find about Vivien Vee. The story was that she was from the USA but living in Italy as a daughter of a diplomat. That was probably made up to fit the artist profil of Vivien Vee created by Claudio Simonetti and Giancarlo Meo (both in Capricorn and Kasso). Other facts that supports the theory that she was all italian is that her real name is Vivien Andreattini and she was born in Torino. Another thing is her italian accent that clearly shines through her vocals.

Destiny” is italo boogie at its best and the 12 inch is really rare. One of my absolut fav’s!

Vivien Vee - “Destiny” (320)

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Sound And Vision
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Been meaning to write this post for a while now. My favourite David Bowie song covered by one of my favourite techno producers, Matthew Dear, on “Life Beyond Mars - Bowie Covered”.

David Bowie - “Sound And Vision” (320)

Matthew Dear - “Sound And Vision” (VBR)

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Agaric comin’ home
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If you’re in Malmoe on the 16th, there are no excuses for missing this night. Agaric!

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My july list
August 08th, 2008 / 10:20 am 2 comments


1. Riva Starr - “Maria” (Dub Mix)
2. Hideo Kobayashi - “Chikuma” (DSB Edit)
3. Nekes - “Waitin”
4. Matthias Tanzmann - “Swim”
5. John Tejada - “Turning Point”
6. Radio Slave - “Grindhouse” (Dubfire Remix)
7. Haruki Matsuo - “DanKan”
8. Ellen Allien - “Out” (Audion Remix)
9. GummiHz - “Under The Sun”
10. Star & Hector - “La Raza”

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#3 Marcia Griffiths – Melody Life
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Jamaicas own queen of soul have a career that’s last for more than 40 years now. This is from her early work on Jamaicas Tamla Motown - Studion One. Jamaican soul at it’s best.

#3 Marcia Griffiths - Melody Life

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Esau Mwamwaya, M.I.A, Santogold & Radioclit – Get it Up (remix)
August 07th, 2008 / 11:43 pm 1 comment

I hope all of you have download the “Top Rankin” mixtape with Diplo and Brooklyn’s Santogold I posted earlier. If you don’t – do it right away. If you did you probably have shake your rumpa to Radioclit’s remix of “Get It Up” - one of the best tracks from the mix.

Just minutes ago I got this new version of the track in my mailbox directly from the Radioclit camp in London featuring the Malawian singer Esau Mwamwaya. And it’s MASSIVE!

If you’re not familiar with his name already you’re gonna be pretty soon. Esau Mwamwaya’s Radioclit produced debut should be out next year. With guests like Vampire Weekend, M.I.A. and Marina Ribatski from Bonde Do Role it sounds promising to say the least.

For more of Esau Mwamwaya start with his making of the album video on you tube Here.

Esau Mwamwaya, M.I.A, Santogold & Radioclit - Get it Up (320)

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#4 Jennifer Lara – Consider Me
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Classic rocksteady in Jennifer Lara’s version of Delroy Wilsons mega hit “I Don’t Know Why” from the late 60s.

Jennifer Lara - Consider Me

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# 5 Tanya Stephens – Handle The Ride
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Swedish favourite Tanya Stephens with her version of Bobby Digital’s lecturer riddim.

Tanya Stephens - Handle The Ride (320)

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#6 Foxy Brown – Sorry (Baby Can I Hold You)
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This jamaican version of Foxy Brown is actually almost a decade before the american rapper Inga D. Marchand change her name to Foxy Brown and recorded “Ain’t No Nigga” together with Jay-Z. Again - superp production by Steely & Clevie. And sorry for the bad picture. As you could imagine it’s hard to google the frase “Foxy Brown” with good a result.

Foxy Brown - Sorry (Baby Can I Hold You) (320)

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